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Home Meeting with the producers The Sims Medieval Showcase - Full coverage!
The Sims Medieval Showcase - Full coverage! PDF Print
Written by Paperpin Tuesday, 15 March 2011 18:27
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The Sims Medieval Showcase - Full coverage!
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As highly anticipated during the last weeks, we attended a special event about The Sims Medieval in Milan, on February 21st. Finally, eventowe can now publish our full coverage of the showcase, and we really hope you will like it as much as we enjoyed writing it :)

First off, let's make a brief recap for those who missed our first impression's article. EA Italy held a small hands-on event for a few Italian sites, that took place in their studios in Milan. The game was introduced by executive producer Rachel Bernstein and marketing director Aaron Cohen. We attended the event together with Daniela from DanielaSims, Simone from MondoSims , Giuseppe from the official forum and Luca from Angel Production. We thank again Liliana (aka Eden from Edenstyle, who was also present at the event) and the whole EA staff for organizing this preview.

Despite past events, this time we were able to play the game (there were four computers, one for each site) and literally put our hands on Medieval for nearly a couple of hours – but before arriving at EA, nobody knew we would play. Also, if you have seen our pictures (you can find them in our gallery, on Facebook or Flickr), you may have noticed that we from Sims3Cri (CriCri, Paperpin and Nenny) had to share one computer, so please, bear with any eventual mistake or missing detail - there was a LOT to see and try and two hours are definitely not enough (Bernstein told us that completing a quest may take even up to a hour and half, so draw your conclusions!).
Anyway, let's travel together back in time to the Middle Ages and discover the mysteries of The Sims Medieval!


The event started with a short introduction of EA Italy's marketing manager Daniele Siciliano, who presented our special guests from the Sims Studio: producer Rachel Bernstein and marketing director Aaron Cohen.

Bernstein started off describing the idea behind Medieval and its main features. She said that during the years, players have expressed their wish to take Sims back in time, in an intriguing and fascinating period like the Middle Ages. The developers team reasoned out about it and eventually decided to create a standalone game and not an expansion pack – they didn't want anything modern to interfere with the game. So, here it is The Sims Medieval.
In this regards, the main aspects of the game are the characters, the setting and the new features.


Characters are the most important part of the game. Without them, the Sims, nothing would be possible. What makes their stories unique, however, is the creativity of the developers team, that has always created bizarre stories and interactions. Humor is also another key feature of the game and without it, the typical “taste” of these games would be lost.


  The new graphic engine and the structure of the kingdom make the game even more intriguing. Realism is at its best, and everything was studied in details to create a real medieval feeling. Also, to give a glimpse of magic (which is quite present in The Sims), a few fantasy elements were introduced. Clothing, furniture, genetics: everything was created with care, as you can see from the many screenshots available.

New features

Let's say it again: Medieval is NOT an expansion of The Sims 3, but a totally different game that shares with it only a few aspects. The story develops in a completely different way, as the aim is not the evolution of your household, but the growth of your kingdom. This can be reached through a quest system, where you can use different characters who unlock new elements, needed for the evolution of the realm. The quest scheme is somewhat “circular”: your character stars a quest, succeeds in it, earns Kingdom Points (KP). Those KP can be used to unlock new buildings and characters that can start new quests in turn, and so on.

This said, Bernstein made a brief overview of the game, describing some of the characters and the quest system, to help us getting used to the new gameplay. Eventually, we got to our computer and launched the game.

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