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Home Info about the game EP and tools The Sims 3 Pets: fatures taken from patch 1.24 - Moodlets and lifetime rewards
The Sims 3 Pets: fatures taken from patch 1.24 - Moodlets and lifetime rewards PDF Print
Written by CriCri Sunday, 31 July 2011 00:00
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The Sims 3 Pets: fatures taken from patch 1.24
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Moodlets and lifetime rewards

The text of this page is our interpretation of the game's database. The Sims 3 Pets is still under development and this information must be considered as unofficial where not otherwise indicated. The features listed may be not included in the final game and should not be considered as the complete list of the game's interactions.

In order to make things clearer and avoid misunderstandings as much as possible, we have highlighed each piece of information as follows:
moodlet_impressedofficial and confirmed info
moodlet_stirCrazyinfo partially taken from producers' tweets
moodlet_disappointeddoubtful and unclear info

 Pets react to the everyday life situations, Sims behavior and other Pets with moodlets, just like their owners. Here's a list of them:
  • Brushed - Ah! The infinite joys of a newly-brushed coat!
  • Where's My Mommy?!? - Foals don't like being separated from their mothers. What if there was a tiger around?!?
  • Missing Mother - When their mother isn't part of the family, Foals don't feel safe and secure. If only they could find someone to trust...
  • Near Mommy -  Foals feel best when they're wrapped up tight in the protective hooves of their mothers.
  • Forcibly Dismounted - Sims do not like having to dismount their steed by surprise, but sometimes their horse knows best.Kicked - {0.SimFirstName}'s bruises will take some time to heal, and so will {MA.his}{FA.her} relationship with that Horse!
  • Where's My Foal?!? - Mama Horses aren't happy unless they're close by to keep their little ones from harm.
  • New Foal - A horse in the family just had a foal.
  • Horsie! - Awww ... a baby horse!
  • Horse hungry! - Hungry, hungry horse
  • Kittens! - Awww ... kittens are so cute!
  • New Foal - Just had a foal.
  • New Kittens - A cat in the family just had kittens!
  • New Kittens - Just had a litter of kittens.
  • New Puppies - A dog in the family just had puppies.
  • New Puppies - Just had a litter of puppies
  • Nothing But Air - Your horse caught nothing but air on that jump!  Feelin' GOOD!
  • Pregnant - This pet is pregnant.
  • Puppies! -  Awww ... aren't puppies adorable?
  • Bitten! - Ouch! Pet bite.
Some examples of incomplete and beta code:
  • Brain Freeze 
  • CatScratch 
  • Claws Out! 
  • Dehydrated 
  • Freezer Burn 
  • Frustrated
  • Going Nuts
  • Good Dog 
  • Gourmet Kitty - That gourmet food really hit the spot!
  • Gourmet Pooch - That gourmet food really hit the spot!
  • Hairball
  • Hygenic Hooves
  • I Can Haz - I Can Haz plz?
  • Itching to Scratch 
  • Loved 
  • Me-Ouch! - You've been Me-Ouched.  It happens to the best of us.
  • MMMCarrots -  MMMCarrotsDescription
  • Moonlit Unicorn - Moonlit Unicorn Description
  • Panicked 

Lifetime rewards

  • Pet Clone Voucher - The Pet that purchases this reward gets a Clone Voucher. Redeem it at the Science Facility to have a young clone of your Pet join your household! You cannot purchase this reward if your household is full. Purchase this reward to get a young clone of your Pet!
  • Super Smart Pet - Your pet becomes super smart and responds to praising and scolding much more
  • VomitImmunityPet 
  • VomitMachinePet 
  • YoungAgainPet 
  • SteelBladderPet 

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